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Project Name : 3. Supplier Qualification and Contractor Health, Environment and Safety Management Requirements
Description :

Chevron’s global Supplier Qualification (SQ) process will be utilised for Chevron Australia Operations work scopes.

Chevron’s Contractor Health, Environment and Safety Management (CHESM) requirements will apply to all contractors working within the operational control of Chevron Australia. For the purposes of CHESM, a contractor is defined as any company or individual that is under contract or sub-contract that performs work or provides services to or for Chevron Australia. All contractors will be required to adhere to the Chevron Australia safety management system at all times when on the site.

CHESM has processes for contractor qualification and selection to ensure contractors have appropriate safety management systems to manage the work. It also includes a contractor assessment/auditing function, which monitors performance. The frequency and type of assessment for each contractor is dependent on the nature/criticality of the services provided. Some procedures within this process are designed for contractors performing high or medium risk work and are not required for contractors performing low risk work.


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