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Project Name : 1. Accessing Opportunities with Chevron Australia Jansz-Io Project
Description :

ProjectConnect provides suppliers and contractors with an understanding of Chevron Australia – Jansz-Io work scopes that are soon to be tendered or are already out to bid. PDFs attached to the packages provide information on the scope of work involved and may assist suppliers and contractors to better position themselves for work at the first tier (full package) or lower tier (components of package) levels.


Chevron Australia information and work packages on ProjectConnect are maintained by Chevron contracts and procurement personnel. These personnel are able to access the specific package registrations and company profiles to assist in the identification of potential suitable Australian companies for invitation to prequalify/bid.


The first tier registrations on the specific packages are reviewed by Industry Capability Network Western Australia, together with information from other sources of industry capability, in providing advice directly to contracts and procurement personnel on potential Australian suppliers and contractors.


Bidders and successful contractors for Chevron Australia – Jansz-Io work packages are also encouraged to utilise ICNWA to obtain similar advice on potential Australian sub contractors and suppliers. ICNWA reviews the components of package registrations (again in conjunction with other sources) in providing that advice.


Upon award of a contract, the name and contact details of the successful contractor are published on ProjectConnect to further facilitate contact with Australian industry. Companies registered on ProjectConnect at the part package level are automatically sent this information about the package for which they have registered. The successful contractor is also given access to the components of package registrations for their work package.


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